After reading the article – ‘How to Turn Your Chickens Into Money’, I’m certain you’re aware how much of a big deal poultry farming is. Be you an amateur or a ‘chicken expert’, here are a few tips to help you succeed at your poultry farm journey.

  1. Have a Humble Beginning

This is just my version of saying ‘start small’. There’s a chance you must have heard this more often than not as this applies to most businesses. However, with a poultry farm, it’s a lot easier to begin with your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This could actually be 20 – 50 day old chicks at your backyard. Starting with your MVP will help you minimize risks and enable you learn and gain the relevant experience before you expand your enterprise. Avoid the temptation of starting off with a huge flock if you have no prior experience!

  1. Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

When you begin to consider expansion, you may be quick to buy the cheapest acre of land in the Sahara Desert where no one will find you. While that may save you a lot of cost, you’ll end up being your only customer. Obviously, it is very important to buy cheap land and locate your poultry far away from residential areas so as not to inconvenience others but there are several other factors to consider. If the cost of transporting your products to the market (potential buyers) is outrageously high, then you should consider buying a more expensive acre much closer to your market. Also, consider the cost of getting your feeds down to the farm and the cost of your employees’ daily commute to and fro the farm. While making these considerations, remember that land is a huge one-off investment so be careful while putting all your eggs in one basket, literally.

  1. Say NO to Greed

It is very advisable to locate your poultry farm in an undersaturated environment (where poultry farms are very rare). In doing this, you may be tempted to place outrageously high prices on your products. You could succeed within the first year but more farms will spring up soon enough and your customers will leave once they have another option. Again, you may end up being your only customer. Agreed, you have to maximize profit but always make sure your prices are fair enough so that your customers won’t feel cheated.


  1. The Chain Rule

Relax, it’s no math equation. Just a bunch of words that fit the narration, I believe. You know the saying that goes thus – ‘do unto others what you want to be done to you’. Well, mine is ‘do unto your employees what you want to be done to your chickens!’ Your employees may be undergraduates; they may as well be illiterates but trust me, they’re much more in charge of your chickens than you are. The way you treat them is probably the way they’ll treat your chickens. Want some advice? Be nice. Neither underpay nor overwork them. Don’t even think of trying the combo. That’s brutal!

  1. Ignore the Gibberish

This is especially for those who studied medicine or law or a course that should come with a white collar job. You discovered your passion a bit late; so what? You’ll hear the words ‘this is such a joke’ so often that you may begin to believe it. Don’t. That’s when you know you need to put in some extra work to prove your adversaries wrong. So trust your guts and carry on!

  1. Never Walk Alone

Starting a poultry farm implies that you’ll most likely be your own boss. Regardless, everyone needs someone to look up to. Just as there’ll be poultry farmers after you, there were many before you. Those who’ve been in the business for decades. One of such people should be your mentor. This is the one who will take you by the hand and walk you through your entire poultry farm journey making sure you avoid every single pothole along the way. Getting a mentor is the best way to be rest assured that you’re always on the right track!


Are you thinking of starting a poultry farm soon?  Or you already have your farm up and running? Either way, you may be facing a few challenges. Care to share? Kindly use the comment section below. A solution awaits you!

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