Two years ago, the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) announced that Nigeria produces 10.3 billion eggs annually, which makes the country the largest producer of eggs in Africa. Well, that was two years ago. Could you imagine how much more we produce now?
Chances are; a good number of poultry farmers don’t have all the resources they need to sell off eggs as fast as they’re being produced. Most of them want to concentrate on keeping their chickens healthy so they need a middle man to go all out with the sales.
You, on the other-hand, may not be a big fan of rearing chickens but with the gold mine that exists in the poultry industry, you can’t but want a share. You want to be involved but not as an employee; as your own boss. So be the middle man!
Here’s a few steps you need to take to make this work:

1. Locate your business

Since you’re the middleman, you can start this business right from your home! The idea is to pick up the eggs directly from the farm and deliver them straight to where they’re needed. So who says you need a large office for a start? If you’re financially buoyant enough to get an office space, that’s fine; but that’s not very necessary at the early stage of this business.

2. Contracts/Partnerships

The next step is to build strong partnerships with two or more poultry farms. The danger with sticking to just one farm is that they might disappoint and if that happens, there’s nothing to fall back on. To build a strong brand, you can’t afford to disappoint your customers, not even once. After identifying the poultry farms you want to partner with, make sure you get a good lawyer to put you through the agreement and partnership process.
Besides the poultry farms, you also need to partner with organizations that need regular supplies of eggs. Get a list of top retail stores, hotels, eateries and schools in your area and make them proposals they’ll never refuse.

3. Branding/Packaging

This is another thing that can differentiate you from other egg suppliers. Apart from slight differences in size, eggs produced in Nigeria all look and taste the same. How then do you create a niche and a brand name for yourself as an egg supplier? Simply get branded disposable crates to package your eggs before delivering them. Everyone is already used to regular plastic/carton crates; give them something really different and unique.


4. Delivery

This is a very crucial aspect of the business. Most businesses/consumers don’t have the energy to pick up crates of eggs regularly. The ones that do would still prefer to have delivery options once inn a while. You may want to stay ahead of other egg suppliers by offering delivery services to your customers. If you have enough funds, you can buy a small truck and delivery bikes but I advice you start on a smaller scale by partnering with already existing logistic companies. This way, you can pay on commission so you neither have to worry about the cost of buying vehicles nor the cost of hiring drivers


Here are some of the advantages of starting your own egg supply business in Nigeria:

  1. Eggs are consumables. Nigerians love eggs and they’ll keep eating them everyday so you’ll never run out of business.
  2. It’s a very easy business to start. With a capital of fifty thousand naira or less, you business can be up and running.
  3. It’s easy to manage. If you already have a job, you don’t need to quit to start this business as it wont eat up all your time. You can use this as a lucrative side hustle.
  4. It’s scaleable. You can start small (side hustle) and quickly grow in business into a large enterprise but this depends on how dedicated you are to it.
  5. Your bank account will thank you!

This is no doubt one of the easiest businesses to start and run in Nigeria. With as little as fifty thousand naira, you can put it all together. If you play your cards right, you’ll be established in no time!
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