If you don’t love chickens enough to eat them, you’ll certainly love them enough to make some good money from them. With the increasing health risks associated with the daily consumption of red meat (beef), and the overwhelming number of regular events in Nigeria (owambe for the win), chickens have become one of the most sought after animals and the demand is rising steadily. It is no longer news that the demand for chicken in Nigeria is becoming greater than it’s supply. You may want to join the moving train and invest in a poultry farm or some other aspect and it’s my duty to show you how!

Most people believe the chicken business is a five-way thing – Buy chicks, feed them till they can lay eggs, sell the eggs during the year, sell the chickens during festive seasons. Well, with developing technology and more people having direct access to the internet, there are so many other ways you can turn your chickens into cash. Let’s move from the conventional to the unconventional. Shall we?

  1. Broilers Breeding

If you want to breed and raise chickens specifically for meat production, then you would have to invest in broilers. This is often called the quick money method as broilers grow very fast (within 42 – 45 days) and give you good value for your money. If you are killing the birds yourself, be sure to clean them and pack them immediately. Store them in a refrigerated environment until you’re able to sell them.

  1. Layers Breeding

Did you know that on the average every year, 2.2kg of eggs are eaten per person in Africa? This is much below the world average of 8.5kg per person per year which implies that we would eat more if we produce more. Layers breeding involves breeding your layer chickens with the major aim of having them lay eggs. Eventually, the chickens will get weak after producing eggs for about 54-70 weeks and you can still make more money by selling them off as meat. A healthy layer lays one egg in 30 hours. Therefore in 70 weeks, it would have produced about 392 eggs, that’s worth over 11,000 naira. Layers breeding is more profitable than broilers breeding but it requires more resources, patience, time and energy.

  1. Fertilizers

You can actually sell your chickens’ excrement to gardeners looking for fertilizer. Simply collect the waste carefully, along with the bedding from the coop where it’s been soiled. Create a compost pile fairly far from residential areas so that the smell doesn’t seep through. The manure should be allowed to degrade for at least one week before it can be sold, and periods up to a month are even better. Package the finished product and advertise it to greenhouses and farms. This way you can increase your profit margin even more.

  1. Poultry Feed Production & Equipment Manufacturing

This is what i’ll like to call ‘indirect investment’. Here you don’t have to own the chickens but you can make money from chickens owned by others by producing the food they eat and the equipment they use in poultry farms. The demand for these is just as much as the demand for the chickens and you can make more money by supplying multiple farms within and outside the country.

  1. The Hatcheries

Here, eggs are hatched under artificial conditions. This aspect of poultry business is very important because the health of a chicken is determined by the effectiveness of the hatchery process. This is quite lucrative because it is not very common and its demand is also very high.

  1. Poultry Consultant

This is for those who may not have enough money to start their own poultry farm but have gathered sufficient experience to add value to those who are still at sea as to how to go about their poultry business. All you need to do is prepare a great portfolio and a pitch deck and create awareness about the services you can offer. You can also organize trainings for farmers and their employees. This requires very little or no capital at all.

  1. Chicken Blogger/Vlogger

People practically live on the internet these days because it’s the fastest way of getting information. If you love writing as much as I do and you also love chickens (I doubt you could love them half as much as I do though), you can create engaging content on chickens or poultry farming in general and make money from your site especially through advertisement. You could also make funny youtube videos of your chickens if you’re a vlogger and get thousands of views which can be converted to thousands of naira!


There’s a place for almost everyone in the poultry business. Simply find an aspect that suits you and go for it. Don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below. Cheers!

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