It’s no doubt that the poultry business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the country at this time. There are several reasons why chickens will continue to thrive. The most evident is one is that we love eating them and we’ll do almost anything to have them multiply and fill our pots. There’s a very high chance that if you invest in a poultry farm today, you’ll get huge returns by the end of the year.  The Nigerian poultry industry has been studied for decades by lots of researchers but I’m not here to bore you with too much history. So I’ve complied a list of the most important things you should know about the industry to enable you play your cards just right!

Fact #1: Of all of Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors, the poultry sub-sector is the most commercialized.

Fact #2: About 1,071,428,000 chickens are consumed by Nigerians annually. Of this large number, poultry farmers in Nigeria produce only 30%.

Fact #3: The poultry industry in Nigeria is worth over N80billion. It comprises of approximately 165 million birds, which produce over 650,000 MT of eggs and 290,000 MT of poultry meat.

Fact #4: Analysts project a 20% annual growth in the poultry industry between 2010-2020 driven by Nigeria’s large population and the rapidly growing middle class.

Fact #5: Only 25% of poultry production in Nigeria is commercial. 15% is semi-commercial and backyard chickens make up the remaining 60%.

Fact #6: Poultry meat and eggs account for about 30% of total livestock output in Nigeria, of which eggs account for over 80 percent.

Fact #7: In 2013, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) rated Nigeria as the leading country in Africa with respect to eggs production, but fourth in broiler production, this report indicated that Nigerians still have to improve on production with respect to broiler birds.

Fact #8: Majority of the poultry farms in Nigeria are clustered around the South-West region (Lagos and the surrounding states).


Fact #9: The Nigerian poultry industry employs over 14 million people directly and indirectly (Commercial Sector alone) while the rural family poultry has an estimated 85 million people involved.

Fact #10: The Nigerian Poultry Sector contributes over 25% of the Agricultural Domestic Products of the Nigerian economy.


Now you’ve got ten more brilliant reasons to invest in the poultry industry. Don’t just eat eggs and chicken, do your bit to make them multiply!

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