"A successful company needs a successful foundation"


Brief Introduction

Danyaye Farms, a subsidiary of Danyaye C.O Trading Venture, is a poultry farm enterprise in Ibadan that produces poultry and chicken eggs for a variety of consumers, retailers and food processing firms in Oyo State and beyond. Danyaye Farms recently enlarged its production facility (a larger pen house capable of housing 8000 caged chickens and thousands of day-old chicks, as well as a feed production house) and is well positioned to market its workroom output beyond its current client base.

The company provides the finest quality eggs, excellent customer service, adheres to agreed-upon delivery times and keeps sales prices under control based on current market trends.

Our Keys to success

Product freshness and quality

We always ensure that all our products are fresh and top quality is maintained.

Diversity and price

Our prices are unbeatable and affordable, making us a one-stop location for all poultry products.

Constant research and development

Our team and staffs are always on the drawing board drafting out plans and making research on redefining livestock farming.

Contributions to schools and creating awareness

We constantly make several donations to schools as a means of creating awareness.

Our mission.

Danyaye farms provides first-class quality chicken and great service to our customers by continuing to develop and innovate to support production with the goal of making our customers, community and employees happy.

Our Vision

Providing indigenous products at the maximum level of quality and standard while enriching the nation’s economy and creating empowerment for youth

Our future.

Kano is the largest city in Africa in terms of population, so we're developing our business there. We will be able to access a larger consumer market as a result of this.

Following a brief visit to Kano and the opportunity to conduct a visibility analysis of the poultry sector, we feel that farming and producing our feeds in Kano would be a strategic step given the region's resources, experience and labor. After all preparations have been completed, we hope to begin the project in May 2022. A breakdown of preparation notes and a timeframe will be included in our entire business plan, which will also include a financial estimate.

The initiative will be an augmentation of what we now do in Ibadan. We hope to finish the pen house in three months and then build a feed mill in the second or third quarters of the year, so that we may begin poultry processing operations and begin selling before the end of 2022.

Our farming and production project is time-sensitive and it must begin and end at a specified point in the year. Although poultry is not a seasonal enterprise, maize is more productive and cost-effective during the rainy season.