I’d love to believe you’re either a poultry farmer, an aspirant, a chicken lover or a mere enthusiast. If you belong to any of the first three categories, there’s a huge chance you’ve digested too many articles and books on chickens already and may just be wondering what else there is to say. Well, these books won’t tell the stories according to the diary of a passionate poultry addict but I will (in a nutshell).


  1. Your Friends Will Call You Crazy!

If they haven’t done that already then you must be too new a poultry farmer so just wait for it and trust me, they would. You’ll certainly encounter some negativity about your new found hobby. You’ll hear comments like: “Don’t you think this is for uneducated people only?” “I don’t think you’ll be able to sustain a farm, it’s so much manual labour” “I’m not sure what inspired you but I won’t be caught dead running a poultry farm” “But what about the poop?!” While some comments are just overly judgmental, others may have side effects on your chicken raising lifestyle. Neighbors may even complain about the often, rather intensive breeze mutated by chicken poop ‘fragrance’ but some regular free egg supplies might just neutralize the air.

So get ready for the talks because they’re inevitable and usually very insignificant too. Seize every opportunity to educate the ignorant. Trust your guts and carry on!

  1. Chickens Are Unique in Their Own Way.

Contrary to popular beliefs, chickens are not just money and food making tools. Each breed of chicken has its own comportment, it’s own quirks and features. Just like every other animal, each breed differs greatly from others. Each chicken within a particular breed comes with its unique personality as well. While some chickens are quite friendly, others maybe really shy. There are also a good number of chickens that are outrightly mean. They are all different little creatures and more often than not, they’re adorable.

  1. Chickens Can Be Wild Animals

I know a few poultry farms where chicken beaks are partially chopped off at a certain age. While this may seem a bit inhumane, judge not, till you see these beaks in action! Once chickens get agitated, they make a swift conversion from those lovely, calm creatures to vicious, wild animals. I’m talking screaming, tackling, pulling feathers, scratching, and biting. It’s almost like some sort of alter-ego scenario. Whatever you do, beware of such moments.

  1. Chickens will Eat Practically Anything

This may be good and bad news. I’ll start with the former. Chickens could help you take care of food that’s about to go bad. Also, If you have lots of weeds growing in your farm, your chickens will be delighted to lend a beak. Ticks, flies, and garden pests? Chickens will once again be glad to help. Chickens aren’t really particular about what goes into their mouths. They’ll sample every bit of trash that’s blown into your yard, devouring them and making a ridiculous mess; the latter.

  1. Chicken ‘Houses’ Are Comfortable

Or at least, they should be. Most poultry farmers in this part of the world tend to stack tens of chickens in a single, small cage in a bid to save cost on facilities and maximize profit. While that may seem clever to the unruly businessman, its plainly penny-wise, pan-foolish because the chickens may end up dying of suffocation thereby reducing the profit margin even more. Chickens naturally cuddle up for warmth, and they stay together all the time so they don’t really take up make space. You don’t have to force them to live under unfavourable conditions. It’s neither convenient for you nor them.

  1. Feeds Change Chicken’s Age

I already told you chickens eat almost anything. However, not everything they eat is safe and healthy. That’s why feeds are specifically made to provide them with all the nutrients they need to grow. Just as babies don’t eat the same food as adults, chickens also do not eat a particular type of feed their entire lives. As they get older, their feeds change in accordance with their needs. This is very important in drawing up annual budgets for your poultry farm because the prices of these feeds may also differ a great deal.

  1. You’ll Get Attached

I had to save this one for last. As I said earlier, chickens are not mere money making tools. In the same way, poultry farming is not just a money making venture. I once asked our founder at Danyaye farms what he loved most about poultry farming and in this own words: “the fact that I could wake up in the morning and just go pick eggs, it’s so amazing you know”. When it’s eventually time to let go, through selling, or death by accident, don’t expect it to be easy just because they’re livestock.

You already know we sell the freshest eggs in the country at Danyaye farms but we would love to do more for you. Was this article helpful? Let me know in the comment section below. Got questions? Let me know too. I’m human, I listen and I certainly respond.


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